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Get Ready for the
Holiday Season!



It's approaching that time of year again where
we're preparing for the Holiday Season.  Whether it be preparing for those holiday gatherings or for gift giving, start early this year and make it easy with our Gift Certificates!

Also stay tuned for our Holiday Promotions!



Welcome to L'Essence Beauty Creation
Your Escape from everyday stress to our Sanctuary

Enjoy our spa's serene environment, relax and escape everyday stress, as our friendly therapists treats each person with sincerity, uniqueness, and address every individual's needs.  Allow our professional and experienced therapist take you on a journey to rediscover a state of inner peace and self-worth at L'Essence Beauty Creation.​

Our Spa Facilities

Our steam room

Unwind and melt away stress

Enjoy our aroma-infused steam room before your facial or massage treatment for full relaxation and relief of muscle tension and stress.  We are equipped with a full shower area so that you may rinse-off after using the steam room or to freshen up after your treatment.

Aromatic Treatment Rooms

Relax Privately

Each room is scented with our unique blend of essential oils and are individually equipped with lockers for your private use.  We provide you with everything you need, including a bath towel, robe, and slippers for you to enjoy and relax our facilities.

Herbal Tea Lounge

Soothe the mind and body

Sit back with a cup of our herbal floral tea to help relieve tension and imbalance of the body.  Teas are traditionally known to help detoxify and eliminate waste from the body, and also to help calm the senses.

Body salt scrub
Steam room
Hair removal
Skin care
Herbs & Teas
Treatment rooms
Sea salt
Manicure station
Tea lounge
Spa treatment
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