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At-Home Mini Facial Kits

Introducing our All-New At-Home Mini Facial Kits!

We have come up with this Kit which is sufficient for at least 4 complete mini facials so that you may give your skin some extra attention while at home!  Although not exactly the same as coming in for a full in-spa treatment, this is still a great treat for yourself or for someone you love!

The At-Home Mini Facial Kits include the following:

Maria Galland #61 Cleansing Milk (50ml)

Maria Galland #64 Toning Lotion (50ml)

Thalion Detox Scrub Mask (Exfoliant) (15ml)

WillowLeaf Botanicals Face Massage Oil (30ml)

Maria Galland #92 Hydrating Cooling Mask (20ml) 

Thalion Eye Lifting Cream (4ml x 1)

4 sets of Face wash gauze, Face & Eye mask sheets with mask solution (50ml), and headbands

Detailed Instructions for use of At-Home Mini Facial Kit

1.  MG #61 Cleansing Milk –

Dampen the skin with water and wash the face & neck with cleanser in a circular motion for 1-2 min.  Rinse with water & dry face with gauze.  If wearing makeup, remove makeup with specialized makeup remover such as the Thalion Miceller Water & repeat this cleansing step again.  (This cleanser does help remove some light makeup but it is best to use the makeup remover to ensure a thorough cleanse.)

2.  Thalion Detox Scrub Mask –

Squeeze a quarter-sized amount onto palm of hand and mix in a few drops of water until smooth.  Apply to face like a mask, avoiding eye contour, and leave on for 5-10min.  For those with sensitive skin, leave on for less time, ie 3-5min., and those with oily skin, you can leave it on for the full 10min.  You can adjust the leave-on time depending on how sensitive to oily your skin is. 

(The difference with this scrub at home and in spa is we apply the steamer on the skin to help the pores open up for a deeper cleanse.)

When time is up, dampen the mask with lots of water by patting water onto the face with your hands & gently rub the scrubs in quick, circular motions for the exfoliating action for about 1-2min., focusing more on areas that need extra exfoliating such as the T-zone.  Rinse well, being careful not to get scrub into the eyes.  Pat the skin dry with the gauze.

3.  MG #64 Toning Lotion –

Apply toner using cotton pad on full face & neck.  Pat skin with hands until dry.

4.  WillowLeaf Botanicals Face Massage Oil –

Warm a toonie-size amount in the palms of hands & apply to full face & neck.  The oil should help the hands glide smoothly along the skin, and if it doesn’t do so, then add more oil. 

Massage the skin using a gentle, upward lifting action from the neck up to cheeks, then all the way up to the forehead.  At the eye contour area, run your middle or ring fingers around the contours of the eyes, but be careful not to get oil into the eyes.  Needless to say, you may not be able to do as detailed of a massage as we do in-spa, but this is still good for stimulating the skin & muscles at home.  The skin will absorb the nourishment from the oils so you can get a nice glow and well moisturized skin.  Repeat for 3-5min. & rinse well with water.  Wipe dry with gauze & repeat step 3 toning.

5.  MG #92 Mask –

Apply cream mask to the entire face & neck, thickly enough so that skin colour isn’t visible through the mask.  Dampen the eye & face mask sheet with around 10-12ml of the mask solution and apply overtop of the cream mask.  (You may skip using the eye mask sheet or even the face mask sheet if you would like to continue normal activities with the mask on.  On the other hand, if you would like a wetter mask sheet, you can add more toner to the solution.)  Leave mask on for 30-min, then rinse with water, dry with gauze & do step 3 toning. 

Note: If you apply a thicker layer, this mask is suitable to be used as an overnight mask.  Just do the following steps in the morning and apply sunblock.

(The difference with this mask at home and in-spa is that we have an extra specialized professional mask that goes over top the cream mask instead of the sheet mask, which increases effectivity of the mask itself.)


6.  Apply serum of choice, Thalion Eye Lift cream & finish cream of choice.  If the facial was done during the daytime, we recommend following with a sunblock.

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