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Aside from our massage therapy treatments, we also have body treatments targeted to treat the skin and or other conditions of the body, including back facials, body wraps, detox and cellulite treatments.


Again, a thorough consultation will be done to understand your needs and to design a customized treatment plan for you.

TRIO XT Radio Frequency Body Contouring / Firming Treatment

Using the TRIO XT RF Radio Frequency paired with other traditional methods, we will set up a treatment program according to your needs to help you achieve the goal you want. Call us to set up a consultation appointment!

TRIO XT Radio Frequency Cellulite Treatment

Like the Body Contouring program, we will have a thorough consultation with you to understand your goals and needs. Call to book now!

Back Clarifying Facial

For some, acne may not only be a problem for the face but for the body as well. This back facial targets cleansing and purifying the back for those who have acne or acne scars on the back. Have skin that's clear and radiant on the back as well!

Illuminating Full Body Scrub

Perfect for refreshing the skin on the entire body and removing buildup of dead skin cells which causes the body to feel rough and dull. This is the treatment for preparing your skin for the summer or if you want to go for spray tanning! Option to Add $15 for Custom Aroma Upgrade.

Full Body Scrub & Marine Wrap

In addition to removing dead skin cells, adding on the marine wrap will benefit the skin with minerals as well as draw out any toxins from the body. For those who want to do a full detox and feel reinvigorated, you can add this treatment to your detox routine.

Full Body Infrared Thermal Mat

Using infrared technology, you will be lying in this thermal mat and heated to a temperature acceptable for you in order to assist your body to detox. Also a good treatment for those who have joint pains and aching muscles, or those who have excess water retention.

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According to consultation
According to consultation
$108 / 60-min
$48 / Add-on to massage
$88 / Regular
$88 / Add-on to massage
$118 / Regular
$38 / Add-on to massage
$58 / Regular
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