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We offer many different types of skin and facial treatments, however after a thorough consultation with you, we will be able to recommend the most suitable skin care treatment for you.  Because we understand that not every skin condition is the same, if there isn't a right fit from our extensive list of face treatments, we will create a customized facial for you in order to fit your skin care needs and to achieve your skin care goals.


Your goals may range from maintenance and preventative to corrective and so

arriving 15-20 minutes prior to your treatment time is required to ensure that we can precisely address your needs in addition helping you achieve healthy, pure, radiant skin.  


Package prices are available for certain treatments for a better value.  Ask us during the consultation.

Express Facial

Revitalize your skin, even in a tight schedule! Your skin will feel clean and radiant. Upgrade to our Maria Galland 45-min Quick Facial with extra moisturizing and soothing products for $10. Suitable for all skin types.

Deep Cleansing Extraction Treatment

Targeting acneic and oily skin, this facial provides your skin with a deep cleanse and removal of blackheads, pimples and impurities from the skin. After thorough consultation, a treatment plan including this facial will be designed to help reduce acne breakouts, control oil secretions, and soothe inflammations. Recommended for acneic skin.

Purifying Facial

Through this facial, we will purify the skin from excess build-up of oil and sebum which will leave your skin refreshed, remove blackheads and other impurities, as well as provide a quick face massage and hydrating ingredients to the skin. Recommended for oily skins.

Hydrating Facial

Restore hydration and suppleness to your skin, through our intensive hydrating treatment, and help protect your skin against moisture loss. Suitable for all skin types. (Various treatment choices, priced accordingly. Also see below.)

Customized Skin Soothing Facial

Sooth and calm down skin that is easily irritated and prone to itchiness and redness. Specific ingredients used will be selected based on your sensitivity condition. Suitable for all skin types, specifically sensitive / sensitized skin.

Aromatherapy Lymphatic Facial

Feel stress-free and relaxed as you enjoy our facial with our 100% natural aromatherapy products. Allow yourself to escape reality and feel at peace during this facial, combine with specific lymphatic drainage technique, so that you may re-enter your daily life renewed and destressed, and with skin detoxified and radiant.

Brightening Enzymatic Facial

Fight pigmentation, and create a brighter, smoother complexion through these facials. Uneven skintone, acne scars, dull and tired looking skin will also be gradually corrected. Recommended for dull and uneven skin, and acne scars.

Vitamin C Anti-oxidant Facial

Combat signs of premature aging and photo damage through this treatment, using Vitamin C to eliminate fine lines, dull complexion, anti-oxidize, and boost collagen production. This treatment helps brighten and whiten as well!

AHA Glycolic Treatment

Increase the rate of skin cell turnover to expose softer, suppler skin, as well as even out uneven complextion, reduce pigmentation, acne scarring, enlarged pores and even wrinkles!

Thalion Hydra-Firm Facial

With high amounts of minerals, trace elements and vitamins, this facial helps hydrate, remineralize, and boosts the defense mechanism of the skin, while helping improve the skin’s firmness and reduce fine lines.

Thalion Youthful Radiant Facial

Combining the Thali'white line with Radiance Youth line to help achieve not only brighter skin, but gain elasticity and firmness using vitamin C, and patented ingredient Pylawhite, which helps inhibits melanin production and helps to decrease age spots. Reveal a luminous complexion!

Helenere White Perfection Facial

Helps with lightening the entire complexion of the skin over time, as well as eliminating toxins from the skin which causes dullness and yellowness. After this treatment, the skin is instantly brightened and refreshened!

Helenere Biocellular Rejuvenating Facial

Aids in cellular reawakening, and stimulates your skin’s metabolism and cellular activity. Results are reduced wrinkles, plump, firm and moisturized skin. Combine with ultrasound for deeper absorption of products, calming the skin and longer lasting skin tightening results.

Maria Galland Cocoon Facials

Various choices of treatments available Hydrating / Firming / Radiance / Gentle Soothing (above) Maria Galland's infamous cocoon treatment using its Hydrating Cooling Mask, Intense Action Firming Mask, Precious Mask, or Gentle Soothing Mask together with a warming cocoon, the skin's absorption of moisture is maximized in the double layer of mask. Results is soft, supple, baby's skin, and complexion radiant. Helps reduce wrinkles and provide nourishment to dry skin, perfect solution for ant

Maria Galland Sensitive Skin Facial

Sooth your sensitive skin and combat redness. Over time, sensitized skin will regain strength and become less reactive to external factors, and less have less allergic reactions to different elements. Suitable for all skin types, specifically sensitive / sensitized skin. (Choice of Hydrating Gentle Soothing Mask or Soothing Thalasso Mask.)

Maria Galland Anti-Aging Thalasso Facial

Restore hydration and fight signs of aging with our thalasso seaweed treatment. The treatment contains anti-oxidizing and purifying ingredients to help your skin improve its metabolic rate and to purge toxins from the skin, retain moisture, and correct redness. The skin's mineral content, brightness and firmness level is instantly increased.

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$38 / 35-min

$68 / 60-min

$78 / 75-min

$68 - $138 / 60 - 90-min

$78 / 75-min

$108 / 90-min
$138 / 90-min (customized)

$78 - $108 / 75 - 90-min

$138 / 90-min 

$148 / 90-min

$108 / 90-min

$138 / 90-min

$108 / 90-min

$108 / 90-min
$138 / 90-min (w/ ultrasound)

$138 / 90-min

$138 / 90-min (Gent. Sooth.)
$148 / 90-min (Sooth. Thal.)

$148 / 90-min
For more advanced skin care treatments, go to our Advanced Skincare Treatments Page.
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