Innovative and soothing care complexes, consisting of valuable oils and selected plant extracts, alleviate a feeling of tightness and reduce redness instantly. The rich cream soothes and regenerates sensitive skin perceptibly. Lotus/peony extract has an additional antibacterial effect.

Maria Galland 216 Gentle Soothing Mask

  • 50ml

    Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin once or twice a week, leave to take effect for approx. 10-15 minutes, then remove with a cosmetic tissue. Massage in any residue gently.

    • A cream mask, containing highly effective care complexes, that soothes sensitive and irritated skin instantly
    • Highly effective plant extracts and oils soothe and regenerate the skin perceptibly
    • Soothing complex of rosemary leaf extract
    • blackcurrant seed oil
    • sunflower oil and unsaturated fatty acids from echium oil
    • lotus/peony complex
    • jojoba oil and phytosterols from the balloon vine
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