During the night, the skin’s regeneration and recovery mechanisms are working full-tilt. This overnight recovery and skin-perfecting sleeping mask supports the skin’s natural processes so that you always wake up looking rested, irrespective of how little sleep you have had. It reduces signs of fatigue and regenerates skin overnight.
Effective anti-aging and moisturizing ingredients reduce first signs of aging, and leave skin perfectly hydrated and recharged with new energy. The skin-perfecting and illuminating actives restore the radiance and evenness of the complexion, while smoothing imperfections.


Proven efficacy*: in the morning, skin is looking smooth, fresh, rested and radiant.


*Proven efficacy: User trial – 50 subjects (aged 20-40); after 2-weeks of regular application (every 2-3 days) of the mask under dermatological conditions; average (%) from results regarding skin looking smooth, fresh, rested and radiant.

Maria Galland 380 Lumin'eclat Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask

  • 50ml

    For 2 to 3 times a week, after thorough cleansing and application of appropriate booster/serum, apply mask with upward effleurage movements to skin before going to bed avoiding the eye area.  Leave on to take effect for 25-30min and remove, or if choose to leave on overnight, rinse next morning and follow with appropriate toner, serum and face cream.  

    • works all night long
    • regenerates your skin
    • reduces signs of fatigue as if after a perfect night’s sleep
    • NIGHT RECOVERY complex: regenerates the skin overnight and provides moisture and intense nutrition. Smooths and softens the skin.
    • Complex of 4 blossoms: soothes, smooths and evens the skin for improved reflection of luminosity.
    • Complex of monk’s pepper, vitamin E and vitamin C: gives the skin radiance; has an anti-wrinkle, firming and smoothing effect and neutralizes free radicals.
    • Pink clay: helps reduce impurities, smooths the skin and regulates sebum.