Removes dead skin cells and impurities accumulated throughout the week to visibly clarify the skin and reveal a radiant, clear complexion. 
The ideal exfoliator for those who like the feeling of micro-fine exfoliating particles on their skin.

Maria Galland 41 Gentle Exfoliating Cream for the face

  • 50ml

    After dampening the face, apply the exfoliator to the face, neck and décolleté, and massage with gentle, upward circular movements (leave out the eye area). Rinse off thoroughly. Dry the skin gently (without rubbing).

    Use once or twice a week depending on the condition of the skin;
    twice a week if the complexion is dull and skin is dense, with clogged pores.  When dampening the face, more water can be used for more sensitive skins, versus applying on a drier face for denser skins.

    Follow with proper toner or lotion to help restore the natural pH of the skin after the rinsing step. 

    • For all skin types
    • Creamy texture with microspheres
    • Mechanical mattifying and exfoliation effect
    • Diatomaceous microspheres (*no microplastic particles, environmentally friendly): have a very fine surface structure for safe and effective exfoliation. 
    • Bisabolol: regenerates, soothes, and reduces irritation.
    • Shea butter: nourishes, restores the hydrolipid barrier and leaves the skin soft and supple