This silky skin care oil provides the skin with highly concentrated active ingredients and regenerates the skin overnight. It protects against negative external factors and smoothes the relief of the skin. The complexion gains a plumper, more elastic and supple structure. 

Maria Galland 94 Extra-active Omega 3.6 Complex

  • 30ml

    As a course of treatment morning and evening, apply at least five drops to cleansed skin. Then follow with day/night cream.

    • Dry oil
    • For skin in extreme need of regeneration for which a cream alone is not sufficient 
    • Restores the skin’s suppleness 
    • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: highly nourishing, stimulates the skin’s activity
    • Vitamin A and E: anti-aging antioxidants that shield against oxidative stress and stimulates skin renewal.