Serum with a powerful moisturizing collagen-hyaluronic acid complex that reaches deep into the skin, preventing it from drying out. It releases its microspheres gradually, thereby offering a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Restores skin’s balance and comfort.

Maria Galland 98 Intense Action Hydrating Serum

  • 30ml

    Apply several drops to cleansed skin morning and/or evening. Then apply your usual skin care product.

    • Fresh and silky gel texture
    • Immediate moisture and freshness
    • Softer skin and smoothed wrinkles 
    • Encapsulated marine collagen and hyaluronic acid complex: for a long-term supply of moisture.
    • Unencapsulated, free collagen and hyaluronic acid complex: for an instant supply of moisture.
    • Vitamin A and E: anti-ageing antioxidants that shield against oxidative stress and stimulates skin renewal.