Ultim'boost Hydration 001:  A 4-molecular hyaluronic acid mix for instant and long-lasting hydration, rock crystal with essential mineral and trace elements for a healthy glow, apple extract with cell booster to smooth and protect, and comfrey stem cell extract to reinforce the regeneration capacity of the skin.


Ultim'boost Purity 002: Lotus flower extract with a mild exfoliating effect to reveal a clearer complexion, caviar lime extract with brightening and smoothing effects to enhance radiance and to even the skin tone, wild pistachio gum to refine pores and reduce imperfections for a matte and silky finish.


Ultim'boost Regeneration 003: Argan stem cell extract and royal peptide to stimulate cellular regeneration, a hydro complex and sea buckthorn pulp oil to strengthen the skin and protect it from free radicals.


Ultim'boost Radiance 004:  24-carat gold to increase glow, an energy booster for immediate hydration and to reduce signs of fatigue, and sweet millet extract to tighten and firm the skin and smooth wrinkles.


Ultim'boost Lifting 005:  Diamond complex for lifting and skin tightening, Swiss ice wine extract for its anti-aging properties which increase skin firmness and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


Ultim'boost Uniformity 006:  Pearl extract to nourish, smooth and soothe the skin, white peony and pea extracts for an even skin tone, and a cress and soy liposome complex to reduce dark spots and prevent the formation of new ones.

Maria Galland ULTIM'BOOST Series

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  • 15ml

    Apply 5 drops each morning and evening for 28 days, beneath your usual serum and cream.


    • Novel, custom-designed “boosting technology”: enhances the effect of the beauty care applied afterwards, by allowing optimal penetration of the actives into the skin.
  • Ultim'boost Hydration 001: 

    • 4-molecular hyaluronic acid mix
    • Hygro complex
    • Rock crystal
    • Apple extract & cell booster
    • Comfrey stem cell extract

    Ultim'boost Purity 002: 

    • Lotus flower extract
    •  Caviar lime extract
    •  Wild pistachio mastic gum

    Ultim'boost Regeneration 003: 

    • Argan stem cell extract
    • Royal peptide
    • Hydro complex
    • Sea buckthorn pulp oil

    Ultim'boost Radiance 004:  

    • 24-carat gold
    • Energy booster
    • Sweet millet extract

    Ultim'boost Lifting 005:  

    • Diamond complex
    • Swiss ice wine extract

    Ultim'boost Uniformity 006:  

    • White peony extract
    • Pearl extract
    • Pea extract
    • Cress & soy liposome complex