Very complete, AGE CONTROL is the ideal response to visibly reduce the signs of ageing, smooth wrinkles and recover a younger appearance. At the heart of this anti-ageing product, the marine micronutrients and trace-elements work in osmosis to energize and revitalise the skin.

Thalion Men's AGE CONTROL Time Fighting Energizer

  • 50ml

    In the evening on a perfectly clean and dry skin, apply to face and neck.

    • Reactivates the vital and deep functions of the skin
    • Light texture providing an immediate sensation of well-being
    • Wrinkles are reduced and the skin tautened
    • Algoskin Cx
    • Centella asiatica
    • Ulva lactuca
    • Peptides
    • Provitamin A
    • Vitamin E
    • Shea butter
    • Rice bran oil