Thalion has reinvented anti-ageing care for discerning women who expect results and advanced technology. La Crème is a remarkable regenerative cream that brings a patented marine-based active ingredient together with marine silicon and hyaluronic acid to create synergistic action for unparalleled effectiveness. It is a skin architect with a soft, silky texture that redefines the contours of the face, making them appear perfectly lifted. After just four weeks, skin appears firmer and more voluminous. Wrinkles appear filled.

Users confirm :

Facial contours reshaped 85%*
Volumes look resculpted 70%*
Skin denser 97%*

* Self-evaluation, observation on 39 volunteers, daily application during 1 month.

Thalion Oceans Secrets La Crème

  • 50ml

    Dip the spatula into La Crème and apply a small amount to chin, cheeks, forehead, neck, and décolleté.  Then use the Ocean Secrets techniques to lift the skin:
    1) With hands together, smooth large areas of skin, moving upwards from the chin to the temples.
    2) Use the same technique working from the sides of the nose to the temples.
    3) On the forehead, alternate hands to smooth skin from the eyebrows to the hairline.
    4) Finish with long smoothing motions, alternating hands and working downwards from the neck to the décolleté.

    • Global anti-ageing care : firmness, wrinkles, face contour
    • Light and non greasy texture
    • The skin’s original youthfulness is restored, leaving it beautiful and radiant like never before
    • Collagenage 72
    • Cell Guard HSP
    • Pylawhite®
    • Hyaluronic acid of Low MW*
    • Silicium
    • Micro-peptide