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Aside from regular facial treatments, we also have a wide range of advanced esthetics treatments for the skin as well.  We will undergo a thorough consultation to see which treatment would suit you and your goals, whether it be microdermabrasion, glycolic resurfacing treatments, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) photorejuvenation or Radio Frequency (RF) skin tightening.  Below are brief descriptions but we strongly recommend booking a consultation appointment to go into more in-depth details with you.

Diamond Dermabrasion

An intense exfoliation, using a diamond head and suction, to help buff away rough skin which blocks the skins surface. Followed by a calming and hydrating mask to relieve redness, give skin moisture and suppleness.

Pumpkin Resurfacing Treatment

Paired with our Lumi8 LED Therapy, this resurfacing treatment is mild enough for regular use, yet strong enough to remove any dead skin cells, promote skin regeneration, minimize wrinkles, look of pores, and pigmentation spots. Recommended as part of a complete skincare program.

Lumi LED Collagen/Brightening/Soothing Facial

With the use of Lumi8 LED therapy along with our customized facial, your skin will be rejuvenated, skin cells reawakened and signs of aging will be decreased. See the immediate difference in skintone just after one treatment!

Oxygen Infusion Facial

Infuse your skin with 100% pure oxygen, just like the celebrities, and feel your skin cleaner and able to reveal its healthy glow. At the same time, specialized serums will be infused into the skin along with the oxygen, and the skin will be plump, hydrated and refreshed!

TRIO XT Radio Frequency Face Treatment

A medical esthetics treatment performed by experienced technicians on various parts of the face, such as eyes, forehead, cheeks, and neck area to achieve firming and tightened skin. The use of warm radio frequency waves aids to stimulate fibroblast cells to speed up production of collagen, while tightening up existing loosened collagen fibers.

This treatment is also known as a non-surgical face lift!    

Also available for body treatments (see "Body Treatments & Contouring" Section).

Nannolight MP Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

See "Intense Pulsed Light" Section

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$108 / 60-min
$138 / 60-min
$138 / 90 - 95-min
$138 / 105-min
According to consultation
According to consultation
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