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Allow yourself to relax your mind, body and soul through our body massage treatments.  In addition to relaxation, massages can aid in relief of muscle and joint pain, soothe tension as well as mind and body fatigue.

All treatments will performed by registered massage therapists upon request, or otherwise by professional, experienced estheticians.  If you have Registered Massage Therapy insurance coverage, please indicate so at the time of booking and we will gladly issue you a receipt validated by our registered massage therapist for massage insurance claim at the end of your treatment.

Registered Massage Therapy

Our Registered Massage Therapist registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario are experienced and can address different issues regarding muscle pain, tension and other areas of concern.  Be sure to indicate any injuries you have or recently had to ensure safe treatment. The treatment could be full body or localized based on the time length of treatment.  Upon finishing the treatment, we will issue your receipt signed by the performing therapist for insurance purposes.

$55 / 30-min
$80 / 45-min
$105 / 60-min
$125 / 75-min
$150 / 90-min

L'Essence Relaxation Massage

Combination of Swedish, deep tissue and pressure point massage, our Therapist will target areas of concern for full relaxation, relief of stress and muscle tension, all while improving joint mobilization and blood circulation.  Feel afresh and renewed from head to toe after the massage!

$80 / 45-min
$105 / 60-min
/ 75-min
$150 / 90-min

Hot Stone Massage

With the use of hot stones, heat is transmitted to muscles, allowing your full body to be soothed, and tension relieved.  A popular and truly relaxing treatment which will leave you renewed and re-energized.  (May not be suitable for everyone.)

+$15 to Relaxation
(available on 60-min or up)

Aroma-Lymphatic Massage

Aromatherapy has been used throughout history to aid in the wellbeing of our bodies.  Combined with essential oils, this massage involves gliding and light movements to promote lymphatic circulation, increase detoxification, and strengthen the immune system over time.  Say goodbye to the feeling of sluggishness and fatigue.  (May not be suitable for everyone.)

+$10 to Relaxation
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