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We offer many different types of skin and facial treatments, however after a thorough consultation with you, we will be able to recommend the most suitable skin care treatment for you.  Because we understand that not every skin condition is the same, if there isn't a right fit from our extensive list of face treatments, we will create a customized facial for you in order to fit your skin care needs and to achieve your skin care goals.

Unless otherwise indicated, all our traditional spa skincare facial treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, face mask, and post-treatment product application. In our longer facials, eyebrow cleanup is also included.


Your goals may range from maintenance and preventative to corrective and so

arriving 15-20 minutes prior to your treatment time is required to ensure that we can precisely address your needs in addition helping you achieve healthy, pure, radiant skin.  


Package prices are available for certain treatments for a better value.  Ask us during the consultation.

Essential Mini Facial

Revitalize your skin, even in a tight schedule!  Your skin will feel clean and radiant after a thorough cleanse with exfoliation, and a suitable face mask.  Suitable for all skin types. Upgrade to our Maria Galland 45-min Quick Facial for $10 for extra moisturizing and soothing products and to add quick extractions to the treatment.

$45 / 35-min

Maria Galland Quick Facial

Similar to our Essential Mini Facial, your skin will feel clean, soothed and moisturized through a thorough cleansing with exfoliation, quick extractions to remove any major congestion and breakouts, followed by a soothing, moisturizing mask.  Suitable for skins looking for a moisturizing, quick yet deep clean-up and restoration.

$55 / 45-min

1-hr Purifying Facial

Through this facial, we will purify the skin from excess build-up of oil and sebum which will leave your skin refreshed, and remove blackheads and other impurities through extractions.  A purifying yet non-overstripping face mask will be applied to the skin as well.  Recommended for oily skins or oily skins with some acne.

$78 / 60-min

1-hr Deep Cleansing Extraction Facial

Targeting acneic and oily skin, this facial provides your skin with a deep cleanse and removal of blackheads, pimples and impurities from the skin.  After thorough consultation, a treatment plan including this facial will be designed to help reduce acne breakouts, control oil secretions, and soothe inflammations. The skin will include a shorter mask time than the Purifying facial, placing focus mainly on extractions.  Recommended for acneic skin.

$78 / 60-min

(Intensive) Hydration Facial

Restore hydration and suppleness to your skin, through our extensive list of hydrating treatments, and help protect your skin against moisture loss.  By maintaining a healthy hydration level to the skin, the skin barrier is strong, and the skin is plump and dewy, giving a healthy glow.   Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins. 


Priced according to time length and products used.

$78 - $138

  / 60-min - 90-min   

75-min Thalion Anti-Aging Nourishing Facial

Address first signs of aging, such as fine lines, increased dryness, lacklustre skin tone through this 75-min facial using Thalion's anti-aging and moisturizing products.  The skin is refreshed and moisture is replenished, bringing a healthy skin tone back to the skin.  Suitable for those looking for anti-aging care.

$98 / 75-min

75-min Customized Skin Soothing Facial

Soothe and calm down easily irritated skin, and skin which is prone to itchiness or redness. Specific ingredients used will be selected based on your sensitivity condition as well as other conditions at the time. Suitable for all skin types, specifically sensitive / sensitized skin. 

$98 / 75-min

90-min Customized Targeted Facial

Customized to target issues such as nourishing, hydrating and brightening.  After a consultation with you, we will recommend suitable products for the treatment to target the issues you would like to address.  Suitable for all skin types.

$128 / 90-min

Brightening Enzymatic Facial

Fight pigmentation, and create a brighter, smoother complexion through this facial.  Uneven skintone, acne scars, dull and tired looking skin can also be gradually corrected. Recommended for dull and uneven skin, and acne scars.

$128 / 90-min

Aromatherapy Lymphatic Facial

Relieve daily stress and allow yourself to escape reality during this facial using our 100% natural aromatherapy products.  While we perform our face lymphatic drainage massage with a special blend of essential oils, excess fluid is removed, skin goes through detoxification and a healthy complexion is restored.  Suitable especially for tired skins, fluid retention (edema), or acne.  Not for pregnant women or nursing moms.  

$128 / 90-min

Thalion Hydra-Firm Facial

Using ingredients with high amounts of minerals, trace elements and vitamins found in the skin, this facial helps rehydrate, remineralize, and boosts the defense mechanism of the skin, while helping improve the skin’s firmness and reduce fine lines.

$128 / 90-min

Thalion Chronolift Anti-aging Facial

Improve skin elasticity and firmness through this facial treatment which utilizes marine ingredients and Thalion's patented formula Collagenage72.  Skin complexion is clarified to reveal a more youthful glow and moisture is replenished to deep layers of the skin.  Signs of aging skin such as sagging and lax skin is improved.

$138 / 90-min

Thalion Youthful Radiant (Vitamin C) Facial

Combining Thalion's Thali'white line with Algo'Lift line to help achieve not only brighter skin, but also gain elasticity and firmness.  This facial uses vitamin C and Thalion's patented ingredient, Pylawhite, to help inhibit melanin production and aid in lightening age spots. Reveal a luminous, glowing complexion!

$138 / 90-min

Maria Galland Intensive Hydrating Facial

Restore hydration and fight first signs of aging with this treatment.  The skin is supple and smooth with Maria Galland's Hydra2 Complex and Skin-Protect Complex and thirsty skin is revitalized.  The defense mechanism of the skin is restored and fine lines reduced.  This treatment is even suitable for sensitive skin!

$138 / 90-min

Maria Galland Glow of Bliss Lumine Facial

Bring a healthy glow and radiance back to your skin using Maria Galland's Lumin'eclat Line containing Prickly Pear extract, Grapeseed extract, ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help plump, firm and regenerate the skin.  The skin feels moist and rejuvenated.  Suitable to as first step to anti-aging care.

$138 / 90-min

For more advanced skin care treatments, go to our Advanced Skincare Treatments Page.
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