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Spa Features


In combining a traditional spa using pampering, holistic methods with advanced technology, we offer a wider range of services to fit your needs.  We have up-to-date technology and equipment to help you achieve results for different goals, including radio frequency technology for non-surgical facelift, skin tightening, body contouring, IPL for photorejuvenation, pigmentation, permanent hair removal, and an array of other equipments to address your concerns.


Your safety is of utmost importance therefore our equipment are FDA approved and from professional, reputable companies to ensure your safety.


A consultation is needed to perform any of the above services and we encourage you to call to find out if it is a suitable service for you.  The consultation is free of charge so contact us by email or telephone to book an appointment.

Treatment Rooms

​​Our treatment rooms are all individual, so you can enjoy the spa services in the privacy of your own room.  Prior to using the steam room or tea lounge, you may change into our robe or towel and lock up your belongings before proceeding to the washroom area.


Hangers and a small locker are located in the treatment room for you to store small personal belongings.  Although our environment is safe and secure, we advise you to refrain from bringing highly valuable items as we are not be responsible for any lost belongings.  Kindly check your room and pockets to make sure you have everything before leaving.​

Steam Room

Make your spa experience complete by indulging in our aromatic steam room, prior to your treatment so that you can fully feel relaxed.  


Aside from relieving stiff joints and muscle tension, the steam room has been known to relieve congestion, help with sinus conditions, and is particularly beneficial for people suffering from respiratory problems.  As well, the wet heat is known to be able to induce sweating of the body, aid in detoxification, and reduce water retention, which in turn helps lose you a few pounds.


Although there are many benefits to using the steam room, we still advise guests to use with precaution as each person may react differently based on their body and health conditions.  We request that you only stay in the steam room for 10-15 minute intervals and to rest and cool down before proceeding with the next activity, such as showering.


The steam room and shower area is complimentary for our members and for guests receiving body massages, face or body treatments of $75 or greater.  Kindly indicate that you would like to use at the time of booking and we will have it ready for your arrival.

Tea Lounge

​​We have a tea lounge where you may rest after using the steam room or shower, before your service, or where you may wait for our therapist to begin your treatment.


Sit back and relax with our herbal tea, and enjoy the peacefulness or our selection of magazines.  If you've come with friends or other companions, you can relax together till you each go for your services. 


We appreciate your quietness for the enjoyment of other visitors and ask that you do not talk on your cell phones in this area, and to use earphones if you would like to listen or watch short media.

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